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Untangling Organizational Knots

Dr. Marcia Ruben coined the term Organizational Tangles™ to describe the human dynamics challenges that frustrate productivity and profits. Visit this website and our Leadership Tangles blog often.  You'll find thought leadership on how to illuminate tangles.  These tips will help you build an accountable, collaborative, performance culture and drive bottom-line results.

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Learn how Marcia Ruben, the Tangle Doctor™, and Ruben Consulting Group can make the difference in optimizing your executive leadership performance.


Are Hidden Tangles Strangling Your Organization?

ThreadsOfOrgTangleTM6212012 resized 600Tangles are organizational knots. They are the silent killers of organizational success. Unnoticed, tangles quietly begin to undermine the successful functioning of an organization. Ignored, tangles fester and grow, and may ultimately destroy your organization.
Tangles manifest as unproductive working relationships, snarled lines of communication, and fuzzy lines of authority. As they tighten their grip their presence is signaled by heightened emotions, conflict, blame, and us versus them thinking and behavior.

Organizations not plagued by tangles enjoy a high sense of trust and collaboration. Decisions get made and stick. Accountabilities are clear. Leaders seek out and address tough issues.  Productivity and profits soar.

For expert assistance in identifying and untangling your leadership, team, or organizational knots, please contact us.